Ivoke Budget Hosting.

Ivoke budget hosting is specifically designed for students, freelancers, bloggers , hobbyists and other people that fall in the similar category, with budget hosting you don’t have to pay that much for hosting your ideas on internet and reaching million with it ! Isn’t that great? Ivoke budget hosting helps small ideas to bring them to the next level.

We provide budgeted price for individual’s convenience to get going without giving a second thought about hosting prices , we offer more space with less price , we also provide free domain name with Ivoke budget Hosting package


Business Hosting.

Ivoke business hosting is for business working around the world 24/7, we value how dedicate you are towards your business that’s why we have dedicated hosting servers for your business too. Ivoke business hosting also provides certain package features like email backups on servers and state of the art spam and virus dictation software for protecting your business from getting harmed.

Our dedicated serves will provide 100% uptime with 0.01% certainty of unknowns. One of our proud features is the 100% mail delivery service, we take special care of your business mails and make sure they have no technical glitch in rendering.



Reseller Hosting.

Ivoke reseller packages are for software houses or people like us running many websites altogether so we designed reseller package in such a way that it comes with amazing features including super control towards your hosting, it also has all in one service pack not just for you but for your resellers too.

Ivoke Reseller hosting gets interesting when you provide exact same services to your resellers as we do to you and they become the same customer to you as you are ours. Basic reseller package is listed below and the market beating price gives you no option other than just opt for it.